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1-Minute Teaching Tip Challenge

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The Portland ESL Network needs your help! We are creating a tool for new and current teachers and tutors to get new tips, tricks and ideas for our English Language Learners. Please help us by making a 1-Minute Teaching Tip video. In this video, (approx. 1 minute) please share something you have learned, a tool, or tip you found helpful us. It will be a great resource for our ESOL teacher community!

We have a few examples on our YouTube Channel 1-Minute Teaching Tips YouTube Playlist. (These are just samples; feel free to do something original and break the mold too!)

We are hoping to get as many tips as possible by the end of June!

Also- please Help us by spreading the word and asking friends and colleagues to make one too.

Go to and send your video to

1-Minute Teaching Tips YouTube Playlist.

After you make a video, help spread the word by nominating two more people to make a video, and share your video!

Thanks!!! The Portland ESL Network Team

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